December 19, 2013

That's A Wrap

We all know that wrapping doesn't make the present, but sometimes it definitely helps. 

Simple Brown Craft Paper:
For a simple and clean look, try plain brown craft paper. To dress it up, use glitter ribbon or make a pattern with white pen. Incorporating natural elements like a bit of pine or some holly leaves also looks really nice with the craft paper.

Custom Prints:
When you can't find a printed paper that suits your present, print your own! We used Spoonflower to print this vintage map paper and then tied it with natural string and rope for an extra nautical flair. 

Classic Christmas:
For a print that maintains a traditional Christmas look without being boring, try this Brooks Brothers signature tartan wrapping paper. We tied it with thick red ribbon and velvet ribbon to emphasize the classic look. 


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  2. Can you do a post on how you tie the rope knots?