December 17, 2013

Tags with Swag

Gift tags are an easy way to spruce up your gift wrapping, and the possibilities are endless. Here are a few ideas we picked to try this year!

Keep it Simple
Black, white, and gold always make an elegant and sophisticated statement. 

Try a Fun Shape:
Draw out a simple shape you like and cut it out of cardstock. We chose sweaters, of course, and added some fun Christmasy fair isle prints to them. 

Another interesting shape to try is feathers. There are printable ones here, or you can make your own out of any printed scrapbook paper. Simply slip them under the ribbon for a unique look. 

Hang a Banner:
Choose a fun word and make a banner to hang across the whole present! It's something different than the usual ribbon, and doubles as a memento that can be kept and hung up.  

One last tip: just because you aren't confident in your crafting skills doesn't mean you can't have cool gift tags, too. We handmade these tags, but there are tons of printable tags available online, all it takes is a quick search on Pinterest!

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