December 15, 2013

Henry's Christmas Tree Farm

The holiday season is teeming with time-honored family traditions, and there is perhaps none more central to Christmas than a family trip to the local Christmas tree farm. Kiel's family has hunted for the perfect tree at Henry's Christmas Tree Farm, located in Hope, Rhode Island, every year for his entire life, a tradition that he continues now with Sarah. Spread across 131 acres of land that has been owned by five generations of the Henry family since 1851, the farm has had a variety of uses over the years, including logging and vegetable farming. At one time it was even the largest poultry farm in Rhode Island, but is now dedicated solely to growing high quality Christmas trees.

Picking a tree is just as much, if not more, about the experience than the tree itself,  and supporting a local, family owned business like Henry's Christmas Tree Farm is the best choice you can make. Henry's Christmas Tree Farm is currently in the able hands of jovial David, who grew up working on the poultry farm until he was 23, when his father fired him. He eventually returned to take over from his father in 1978 and has since meticulously maintained the farm. Christmas tree farming is a time-intensive, year-round business, but David says it's easy to find workers to help on the farm. It's not hard to imagine why- the farm and its workers have a magnetic sense of charm and holiday spirit that draw people in, warming even the coldest December day. If you're looking for that feeling of authentic Christmas magic, you'll find it amongst the acres of trees at Henry's.  

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