July 30, 2015

On Island Time

We had just picked our Land Rover up from the shop and decided to waste no time letting her sit in the driveway. So naturally, we packed our bags and loaded in the car, shifting gears from office to island time. By noon on Tuesday, we were driving off of the Block Island Ferry and headed for the Oar to enjoy a leisurely seaside lunch. Sitting under the canopy of Oars brought Kiel back to the same scene 10 years ago, as he was dressed in an identical outfit - sweat stained, tattered hat and all. Our next stop was the bluffs, whose beauty took us by surprise as we stood gazing out over the misty ocean. That mist soon turned into a gale, but the cool rain only invigorated our sense of adventure. Winding along the road, we stumbled upon one of the Island’s best kept secrets. A tree covered walkway opened up to a rocky beach, tucked in directly under the bluffs. As dusk approached we walked along the beach, dipping our toes in the water. Some of the more reckless souls, perhaps accidentally, drenched their toes in the water. However, we can gladly say our KJP boat shoes withstand the life of a salty adventurer.

We started Wednesday morning with an outdoor breakfast overlooking the ocean, which it turns out isn’t the worst way to start your day. With no plans ahead, we spent the day cruising around in the defender, getting to know the downtown as well as the hidden pathways of the island. And while we all enjoy long walks on the beach, we further enjoy bouncing around in the backseat of the defender as we sped towards one of the island’s lighthouses. While our trip was a short one, it was the perfect amount of time to explore Block Island, find our favorite coffee shop, and our favorite skipping rock.

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