August 05, 2015

Victory Cup Polo

After spending Fourth of July by the sea, we decided to trade in our bathing suits and rosé for sun hats and mint juleps. Arriving around noon in Patterson, New York, we set up camp at the Victory Polo Cup. Camp, meaning a beautiful oriental rug with a delicious spread of food, bubbly, and extra sunglasses. Sarah was given the honor of throwing out the first chukka, and gracefully commenced what would turn into a more rowdy day. As the sun beat down and the players fought to claim the title of the cup, we enjoyed friends and strangers’ company alike. After the match had ended and the players dismounted their horses, the event continued on into dusk. Defenders and Wagoneers were driven onto the field, and a grand table was assembled for the farm-to-table dinner. As the guests were seated, peering down the table looked like a modern day royal feast. The entire day was thoroughly enjoyed, and our team was fortunate enough to stay at the home of our good friend, Michael Lorber. Impeccably decorated, Lorber’s estate provided a relaxing countryside getaway for the night, which was much needed after a great day enjoying the sportsmanship of a polo match, both on and off the field. 

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