July 01, 2015

Camping on Christmas Cove

This past week, Camp FoxHawk embarked on its first adventure of the 2015 Summer with a camping trip to coastal Maine. At the break of dawn, the Camp FoxHawk scouts piled into cars with adventure on the horizon. We arrived at our first stop in Freeport, ME, where we were greeted by our friends at the L.L. Bean Headquarters. After taking some photos with the esteemed Bean Boot, we loaded the Wagoneer with sleeping bags, tents, and paddles. With a vibrant red Old Town canoe strapped to the top of our car, the Wagoneer became our complete adventure mobile. 

The Camp FoxHawk caravan trekked along the coast to set up camp in Christmas Cove, Maine. As the night's cool ocean breeze swept in, the sparks of the campfire and toasted marshmallows kept us warm. The sun dipped below the trees, evoking animal calls from the woods to sing us a wild lullaby. We awoke to the morning light peering through our tents, refreshing our senses as we walked outside into the morning's salty air. With a full day ahead of us, we dressed in our L.L.Bean best and wandered down to the mud flats for a morning canoe paddle. We noticed high tide was approaching, and grasped the opportunity to taste of the Maine ocean. Literally. Venturing out onto rocks perched amidst the ocean, we took turns leaping into the freezing water... some more gracefully than others.

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