July 08, 2014

Off-Roading Adventure

One afternoon, after discovering old charter maps tucked away in a drawer, we took it upon ourselves to search for the Cape Poge Lighthouse. With two Jeeps full of adventure seekers, we made our way towards the sandy paths of the Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge.

Along the way our route was redirected by the changes in the ocean tide, but that just made us more determined to discover our destination. We were so proud of our navigation skills as we caught a glimpse of the Cape Poge Lighthouse at the end of the trail.

The landscape was undeniably beautiful: rolling sand dunes covered with sea oats and the slow tumble of the crashing waves. We all agreed it was a nice change from the busy pace of the city.
The spontaneous adventure was well worth the sunburns and sandy feet, and makes us even more excited for the other journeys waiting for us down the road.

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  1. Kicking myself for not applying for this adventure! Looks like a great time!